New Rider School

To become a new rider or passenger, start getting ready now!

The training is in conjunction with the SUPER SERIES Riding School at Shannonville Motorsport Park. For 2022 the school date is Friday, May 13.


A portion of the school consists of in class time which discusses track safety, rules, flags, procedures and what to expect on the race weekends. The other portion is the track time. This starts on the skid pad, where cornering, transitions, and body positioning are taught. You will be learning in a safe environment with lots of feedback and coaching. After the skid pad session, you will go on the race track while following experienced racers, learning the lines & timing, and gradually increasing the pace.

Important, everyone must pre-register at to ensure that there are bikes available for you to get the on-track time required for the license.

All participants must supply their own safety equipment. We will help new riders find bikes to practice on, new drivers will need to supply their own bike.

For more information contact us via email, we’ll help make the arrangements!