Icy Conditions

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Bobby F
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Icy Conditions

Post by Bobby F » Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:42 pm

Kaz's mam sent this one and i just had to share it with everyone :lol: :lol:


A government warning has said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take the following items with them:

Shovel, Blankets or sleeping bag

Extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves

24 hours supply of food and drink


5Kgs of Rock Salt

Torch or lantern with spare batteries

Road Flares and Reflective Triangles

Tow rope

5 gallon petrol can

First Aid Kit

Jump Leads

I looked like a complete prat on the bus this morning !!!!!


Double Trouble - and remember - Happiness is a three wheel drift! :D :D

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