Knee tray construction.

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Thanks, Bryan for your input. Yeah I can imagine the difficulty in launching a 2-rear wheel chain drive vehicle when only one drives that far off vehicle center line. From my long drag bike career, experience tells me ours w/ centered single wheel drive will behave on launch just like bike does on wheelie bars and hanging the frt end will be OK IF AND ONLY IF left/right balance of chassis is near equal, rear wheel is aligned properly and wheelie bars are properly adjusted, just like a bike. We will be starting at lower power levels and 7" x 17" drag slick on Busa wheel w/ A-arm frt end w/ provisions for coilover shocks but run strutted at first and chassis dynamics set up to start biased more toward the smoke the rear, minimal wt. transfer end of the spectrum. Chassis is being built in a modular fashion so will accommodate different pilot positions fore and aft, motor placements, w/b, and wheel widths suitable for increasing power levels as data is gathered w/o needing to reconstruct entire vehicle. Taking cues on car tire size set-up from proven FunnyBike/Top Fuel M/C world as far as strength needed if and when we reach equivalent power and performance levels. A little body english, rear wheel alignment and wheelie bar adjustment will get us thru the small tire phase.
No worries on documentation and youse guys have been so helpful, will defiantly post pics and progress as avail.
Thanks again for everyone's feedback, it is mucho appreceato! (that's not a real word in any language, is it,hehe.)
It never hurts to ask....

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