2016 Awards

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2016 Awards

Post by Bobby F » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:26 pm

Hi all.

Well, another year of racing is behind us (booohooo), it was a great year, fantastic weather and awesome racing. We cannot say we didn't have a good year. Well, some may have had more problems than others, but all in all, it was GREAT.
The AGM has also been and gone, and awards were handed out to some of the best riders and passengers that we had all season. And if you didn't make it to the AGM, this is how it all ended .....................................

2016 Overall Winners Cup : Russ Miller & Fabio Petruccelli

1st Place Overall : Russ Miller & Fabio Petruccelli
2nd Place Overall : Fran Hall & Josh Chartier
3rd Place Overall : Ian Boddaert & Greg Carrol

F1 Finals
1st Place : Russ Miller & Fabio Petruccelli
2nd Place : Fran Hall & Josh Chartier
3rd Place : Mike Vinten & Sinthia Carrol

F2 Overall Winners Cup
: Ian Boddaert & Greg Carrol

F2 Finals
1st Place : Ian Boddaert & Greg Carrol
2nd Place Driver : Pete Essaff
2nd Place Passenger : Shelby Rigby
3rd Place Driver : Bryan Rigby
3rd Place Passenger : Nick Bailey

TLE Overall Winners Cup: Ken Kyler & Phil Marr

1st Place TLE : Ken Kyler & Phil Marr

Special Awards & Recognitions:

Newest Team : #13, Mad Monkey Racing : Ian Boddaert & Greg Carrol

Rookie Driver of the Year : Ian Boddaert

Rookie Passenger of the Year : Sinthia Carrol

Sportsperson of the Year : Fran Hall

Pride & Professionalism :
Fran Hall

Hot Dog Trophy of the Year : Luc Lavoie

Congratulations to EVERYONE for having a great SAFE year of racing!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!!! And till next race season begins, Happy Fixin "n" Wrenching.

See you all in the spring !!

Double Trouble - and remember - Happiness is a three wheel drift! :D :D

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