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Post by Bobby F » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:20 am

Hi Everyone.

Here it is again, another race season is over and it’s always a sad time to put the bikes away for the winter months, but having an AGM before the end of the year is a time to share & celebrate all the achievements we have gained and experienced throughout the race season, and its a time for all the teams to socialize without grease, oil and toolboxes!!

So, I’m quite sure you’re all dying to find out who came where and who got what, so here it is, the suspense is over:

Congratulations to the following teams who received trophies and those individuals who received Special Awards of Merit :

2013 Overall Championship

1st - #21 - Bill Douglas & Andrea Purdy
2nd - #1 - Chris Wells & Jeff Gillard
3rd - #14 - Russ Miller & Marc Matthysse

F1 (Driver)

1st - Bill Douglas
2nd - Russ Miller
3rd - Steve Fletcher

F1 (Passenger)

1st - Marc Matthysse
2nd - Andrea Purdy
3rd - Mike Vinten

F2 (Driver)

1st - Chris Wells
2nd - Pete Essaff
3rd - Craig Barr

F2 (Passenger)

1st - Jeff Gillard
2nd - Adrienne Greenlaw
3rd - Allen Whittaker

The Lost Era Group (Driver):

1st - Ken Kyler
2nd - Pete Essaff
3rd - Marcus Poisson

The Lost Era Group (Passenger)

1st - Roger Preston
2nd - John Linn
3rd - Phil Marr

Special Awards:

Rookie Driver of the year : Ken Kyler

Rookie Passenger of the year : Marc Matthysse

Pride & Professionalism : Bill Douglas & Andrea Purdy

Sportsperson of the year : Nick Bailey

Hot Dog Trophy : Chris Wells

Here's looking forward to next year's race season!! Till then, all the best and happy fixin 'n' wrenching!!! :):):):):):)

Race Director
Double Trouble - and remember - Happiness is a three wheel drift! :D :D

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