Race Results - Thunderbolt, NJ, July 20 - 21/2013

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Race Results - Thunderbolt, NJ, July 20 - 21/2013

Post by Bobby F » Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:59 am

The SRA was at the “Thunderbolt track”, Millville, NJ the weekend of July 20 for rounds 7 & 8 of the 2013 season. Thunderbolt is a fantastic track and probably one of my personal favourites!! Mother nature was again on our side as sweltering temperatures stayed with us all weekend (except for the lovely storm we had Saturday night, thunder, lightening and heavy rain at times)

There was some awesome racing throughout the entire weekend, however, some pretty bad accidents with the solo riders that caused hours of delay on Saturday and the SRA survived a red flag during our race on Sunday with the #1 bike apparently flipping over and tossing Jeff out onto the grass :shock: A big thank you to the organizers who provided us with bottles of cold water to tie us over until the race was restarted.

And so, without any further delays, here’s the results you’ve been waiting for………………………..

Saturday, July 20

1ST - #580 Steve Fletcher/Fabio Petruccelli
2ND - #1 Chris Wells/Jeff Gillard
3RD - #351 Pete Essaff/Nick Bailey
4TH - #21 Bill Douglas/Andrea Purdy
5TH - #14 Russ Miller/Marc Matthysse
6TH - #69 Roberta Fletcher/Mike Vinten
7TH - #375 Ken Kyler/Roger Preston

Sunday, July 21

1ST - #580 Steve Fletcher/Fabio Petruccelli
2ND - #351 Pete Essaff/Nick Bailey
3RD - #21 Bill Douglas/Andrea Purdy
4TH - #14 Russ Miller/Marc Matthys
5TH - #69 Roberta Fletcher/Mike Vinten
6TH - #375 Ken Kyler/Patrick Whitehead
7TH - (DNF) #1 Chris Wells/Jeff Gillard

So, till our next round at Shannonville (August 31 & Sept 1) Happy Fixin ‘n’ Wrenching!!!

Double Trouble - and remember - Happiness is a three wheel drift! :D :D

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