About the SRA


The SRA was formed in 1968 by a group of Toronto Motorcycle enthusiasts and is now comprised of racers from a much wider area with teams from Canada and the USA. Races regularly take place in Ontario and West Virginia with occasional trips to New Jersey, Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.


There are five race classes within the SRA: F1 (Formula 1), F2 (Formula 2), F3 (Formula 3,  pre-1996. Also includes sidecars that are built to the VRRA P3 spec.), P2 (Period 2 Vintage, pre-1977), and P1 (Period 1  Vintage, pre-1968). Although there are separate classes for scoring, all the bikes are on the grid and racing at the same time! This makes for great fun for both racers and spectators.


It’s the most fun that you can have on 3 wheels, 2 up, 1 inch from the ground! Click here to learn about THE MACHINES.